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For decades, successful athletes, singers and actors have employed personal coaches to get them to be the absolute best by accessing their deepest level of natural talents and bringing it forth.  People who use coaches achieve remarkable results in their personal and professional lives.  They have substantial advantage over those who don’t.  Those who use coaches are on the fast track to closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Your coach can help you unleash your own greatness!

The Ramp-Up Stage

The focus of this track is to transform the mindset of Realtors into the mindset of Small Business Owners and Operators. This track is for new and experienced agents looking to systematize their businesses.

This track offers 6 courses. You can do as many of them as you like. Each course is made up of 10 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes long and meets once a week. All 6 courses are available every quarter and start on the 2nd week of the quarter. If you have never done coaching with us before, start with The Foundation of Your Business course.

This track can be done in private one-on-one sessions or in group sessions. The groups are small and have 6-8 people in each group. The limit for Mastering Listing Presentations course is 4 people.

The Scale-Up Stage

The focus of this track is wealth building through doing more sales and creating more income; more business structure and systems for better results. This track is for experienced and top producing agents looking to expand their productivity and profits. The Master Series is only offered in a group format. The group meets once a month – 10  times per year.  Each meeting is 3 hours long. The groups are small and have 10 – 12 people in each group.

The Leverage-Up Stage

If you want to create a high performing team, this track is for you.  The focus of this track is to create systems that leverage the team and uses each team member’s talents to build the team.  This track is for top producing agents looking to leverage and grow their teams. These are agents who are starting to put systems in place with their exit strategy in mind. This track offers meeting with your entire group 4 times a year; at the beginning of each quarter, one monthly private one-on-one 45 minute session (call, in person or Skype) with the team leader (10 sessions per year) and one monthly 60 minute session with the entire team (10 sessions per year).

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Business Coach

Stella Balasanian is a Certified Life and Business Coach and a Personal Development Trainer.

Stella’s authentic and bold style of living, her life-long love of learning new things and her personal leadership qualities have produced a natural coach.  She is devoted to working with clients as they uncover their purpose and stretch beyond their self-imposed limits to achieve excellence both personally and professionally.  She produces amazing results by connecting her clients’ inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary results.  Her authenticity, joy and energy inspire transformation in others.

Stella enjoys a history of success as an entrepreneur, a career in Real Estate as well as a generous spirit that contributes in numerous ways to her local community and global organizations.  In addition to her individual and group coaching sessions, Stella also conducts workshops.


Business Coach

Veronica Fiorella is a dynamic Professional Business Coach specializing in improving the Performance of Sales Executives and Business Owners. With her innovative approach to coaching, Veronica has been a trainer, mentor and coach for more than 22 years in a variety of industries, including Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Services, Technology and Media Entertainment.

As a Broker and Associate Manager for Coldwell Banker, Veronica sold more than 60 million dollars in annual sales volume as a Realtor specializing in both residential and commercial Real Estate. Veronica also served as General Manager and Broker of Record for Keller Williams Realty, and her branches ranked in the Top 10 Nationally for the Franchise.   

Mixing strong business leadership with a compassionate heart, Veronica’s dedication to her coaching clients has earned her the respect of hundreds of sales professionals in the Southern California region.  She has helped her clients achieve explosive growth in their business and income, while transforming each individual to achieve work life balance and improved performance.

Veronica’s passionate commitment to her clients’ success has helped hundreds of sale professionals achieve their dream to build a life and business practice that compliment each other.

"Stella has a unique ability to help each individual grow to become the best possible version of themselves. The best part of her coaching is that she empowers you and gives you the tools you require to take the next step. She gently pulls you out of your comfort zone and makes trying new things fun and exciting. Every session you will have with her is always full of laughter and kindness but with a definite goal and purpose. After a while you will forget the number of “ah ha” moments there will be. Stella really is an amazing coach; she is not just a coach, but a friend, a mentor and therapist all rolled into one. No matter where you are in your career, working with Stella will let you move forward. You just need to pick up the phone and speak with her once to see for yourself."

Dippy Chhina | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

"When I first began coaching with Stella, I was hoping to improve my real estate sales and become more organized. Within the first couple of sessions, I noticed a change in my entire way of thinking and attitude…about everything, not just business. I began to work smarter, more efficiently, and really become a business owner, not just a Realtor. I really look forward to our weekly sessions. Stella’s positivity is contagious, and she has so much to offer. Through our coaching sessions, I have organized my finances and schedule and learned valuable new ways of communicating to help me better serve my clients. I highly recommend Stella and The Power of You Coaching. I believe that accountability and guidance can help any business owner take their business to the next level."

Prudence Stein | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

"Stella really breaks down what needs to be done to get to your goals. It starts off with building a strong foundation, making sure you have everything in place so that you can go out there and get the business that you want to get. Just having the structure in place really expands your opportunities and expands your creativity on how to go out and run the business the way you want."

Alex Gingrich | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

"Stella helps our Sales Partners brand themselves and create marketing campaigns. Stella believes that you have to become a brand in the neighborhood. Your work has to be recognized, and you have to be viewed as one of the crucial choices a seller has when they are ready to sell their home. What Stella does is help our Sales Partners accomplish that and she does it with expertise and joy. She changes lives."

Donna Beebe | Luxury Property Consultant, Dilbeck Real Estate

"Stella turned my “life” around, from business, to relationships, to capture the best that life has to offer. She is wise beyond her years! Stella is a MUST for every business professional who wants to excel in their career. Stella’s knowledge of the mechanics of running your business in a more efficient way, in my opinion is THE ONLY WAY GO! I plan on keeping Stella in my Life FOREVER."

Barry Storch | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

"One of the reasons I think Stella is so successful in her ability to bring people up from the level that they are at, no matter what level they start at, even if they are at a very high level, is because she knows more than just Real Estate. She knows a lot about life and human nature. She puts all of her experiences to use in her instructions, explanations and motivations. I think she’s well rounded in being able to bring people’s performances to the levels that they seek."

Chuck Lamm | Sales Manager, Dilbeck Real Estate

"If your Real Estate Sales Income is a roller coaster ride of feast or famine or if you’re still starting each day saying “what am I going to do today to find clients,” then I highly recommend Stella and The Power of you Coaching. I’m in my second group session with Stella and her coaching has brought me from a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants Realtor to a structured Small Business Owner. From learning to harness and exude a good attitude and positive energy to setting goals, daily planning, implementing prospecting systems, branding, and the list goes on. Stella brings energy and incredible value to my business. I have more than doubled my income. When you’re putting your business plan together for the year, I recommend you add The Power of You Coaching to your training bucket."

Jennifer Mussenden | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

"Stella has an innate ability to help an individual clarify what area they need to or want to improve on and then she helps us drill down to figure out what’s the best course of action to take."

Shannon Cistulli | Branch Manager, Dilbeck Real Estate

"I didn’t come to real estate from a business background. Consequently, Stella has been extremely helpful in that she has helped me learn how to view my real estate career from the point of view of a CEO. I am the CEO of my company. Her positive energy and the fact that she is so engaging attracted me to her instantly. When we meet, it is like two friends getting together and having a chat. She just happens to be a teacher who is teaching me the ropes. She’s also been very instrumental in helping me figuring out how I take what I see as my purpose in life and weaving that into what I do on a business level."

Tim Durkovic | Realtor®, Dilbeck Real Estate

"Stella has a passion for life and she has a passion for what she does. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for coaching services. She is one of the best in the industry and I am happy to have her as part of the team."

Barry Jones | Branch Manager, Dilbeck Real Estate

"I could see from the very first meeting my sales partners had with Stella, who are in her coaching program, a change in attitude and in the way that they looked at their businesses and as the weeks and months went by I could definitely see a change in their production. They were much more organized, much more focused on what they wanted to accomplish in their businesses and in reality it is their business. They are the CEOs and Presidents of their own businesses and I definitely saw a change in their focus and attitude and the way they looked at this being a business. I saw a difference in their production. Production was good before Stella and much better after Stella."

George Parker | Branch Manager, Dilbeck Real Estate

"I met with Stella once a week and we looked at what do I want to do with my life in real estate? How much do I want to make? How much do I want to spend? How much time do I want to spend on it? A lot of questions that I had not been asked for many many years. She really made me think about my career and I got motivated again. She had me put everything down on paper and she made me accountable for my marketing, my budget, and my contacts. I noticed by doing this with Stella it has really helped me. It has given me the guidelines that I needed."

Diana Walker | Realtor® Dilbeck Real Estate

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Transform the Mindset

The Ramp-Up Stage

The Accelerated Growth Track is specifically designed to give you the proven step-by-step fundamentals you need in the most important areas of your Real Estate Business to get more clients and make more money while implementing systems in your business.



Expand Your Productivity

The Scale-up Stage

The Master Series Track is designed to give you, the established Real Estate Business Owner, the specific systems you need to end the overwhelm that comes from having a lot of clients but not enough time.  This track will give you the clarity, direction and guidance you need for the coming 12 months.



Leverage Your Resources

The Leverage-up Stage

The Multiplier Track is a Business Coaching and Training Program for the highly successful Realtor ready to play a much bigger game. These individuals are deeply committed to improving their leadership and interpersonal skills not only as a part of their business development strategy, but as a part of their intention to be their best authentic self as a leader.  Being a leader isn’t something you learn once and for all.  It is an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents and ideas that grow and change as you do. The school is never out for the leader.

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